Save Druridge as many may know are now having to defend an Appeal by Banks Mining to the Secretary of States decision in our favour.

Although the decision was made mainly on Climate Change grounds the then Secretary of State Sajid Javid also brought up a number of matters which would adversely affect the area such as noise and landscape. We therefore feel we must be included in the hearing to defend our case.

We have had to hire a Barrister to draw up the Defence document and will require legal representation at the High Court. This has been estimated by our Lawyer to be in the sum of £10,000. Please note both our Solicitor and Barrister are keeping their costs low.

We would be extremely grateful if you could donate towards our cause even if it’s just a few pounds. Every little helps. All of the Crowd Justice money will go straight to our Lawyer.

The link to do this is as follows: